Business Lawyer in practice


Since 2013, Attorney Jakob Dahl Thomsen has been an entrepreneur and businessman with an office in Holte and at DTU Science Park in Lyngby.


His MedTech company (Dukada ApS) produces a newly developed product for diabetics. However, Attorney Jakob Dahl Thomsen began his career as a Attorney in 1978 focusing on business law, litigation and insolvency proceedings and later became a diplomat in the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Many of the activities in Dukada ApS are outsourced, but Jakob Dahl Thomsen has daily responsibility for the efficient operation, sales and marketing in Denmark and abroad (digital channels, including Amazon) and, not least, product development. The latter is one of the reasons why Dukada ApS has offices in the tech entrepreneurial environment at DTU Science Park.


The background allows JDTlaw to give both legal and business advice on matters such as

  • Commercial priorities/activities
  • Company documents and contracts
  • Funding
  • Sales Channels
  • International sales
  • Patent strategy (Lawyer Jakob Dahl Thomsen is himself inventor)
  • Employment and consultancy contracts
  • Approvals (e.g. medical devices) etc.


The fee is a theme, many of course think of when considering a collaboration with a lawyer, and there is a difference between the fees for specialized legal themes and business advice. As far as the latter is concerned, a fee may be considered depending on the company’s results.


Email to or call / SMS + 45 50 28 00 92 to discuss whether JDTlaw can assist you with a case or more generally as an advisor.